I pursue my research through two parallel artistic paths. The first one is called “Disvelamenti”: I tell the contemporary by creating fake concrete walls, on which I apply fragments of plaster that form images that are hidden in the context and must be discovered and identified from time to time; in this way, through pareidolia (ability to see images and shapes almost everywhere), I highlight the vital aspect of creativity, reaffirming the need for it to return to be the starting point for free and conscious choices, playing with the wonder and mystery. By inserting these works in large and important frames, I emphasize the importance of searching for shapes and figures (even those belonging to our memory) in the assemblages of a raw material and in its unpredictable and surprising combinations.

In the second path, “Pink”, I create installations of pink color that last a few days, I expose them on the streets, and thanks to the media and social media live a second life, in which is emphasized the degradation and defaillances of our time, with the particularity that almost no work has ever been seen by the general public in person, but only in the media, which become themselves part of the work.







Rebor alla Fondazione Treccani di Napoli

Nuovo appuntamento: dal 2 al 20 Dicembre le opere di Rebor saranno esposte nella mostra collettiva su selezione da SIEDAS, presso la fondazione Treccani di Napoli! #SIEDAS è lieta di presentare “Neapolis. Nuova città, nuove arti” una mostra a cura di Fabio Dell’Aversana Vernissage lunedì 2 dicembre, ore 17.30 Treccani Campania – Salotto culturale Saluti Luigi de …

Rebor alla Fondazione Bevilaqua la Masa di Venezia

Il 16 novembre alle ore 16.30 sarà inaugurata a Venezia, presso l’Istituzione Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa di Palazzetto Tito, la mostra “Passione bi-polare”, visitabile dal 16 al 29 Novembre. L’esposizione, curata da Edoardo Di Mauro, Gabriele Romeo e Laura Valle, porterà in rassegna un cospicuo corpus di ricerche artistiche e visive, prodotte da studenti, artisti …